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Oh, crap....

Okay, so I love my new car. I really do. But then yesterday I went to the dealership to pick up the owner's manual. The previous owner had not turned it in with the car, so they ordered a new one for me. I started plodding through it. Yes, plodding. Really, how exciting is it to read an owner's manual? But there are several buttons and knobs about which I know nothing. All was well until I got to the section on fuel.

Apparently I purchased a vehicle that requires premium unleaded gasoline. Believe you me, I read that section repeatedly and quite slowly until every word sunk in. So, the cute little turbo engine (the one that makes the car go 140 mph) requires special, high-end fuel. Putting in lesser fuel will cause knocking and possibly mess something up. I know that's not the technical jargon for what will happen, but basically, if I use the cheap gas, I'm going to ruin something.

Needless to say I am livid with the dealership. You would think that they would disclose that type of information. I know, I know. They're just trying to sell cars. And who wants to buy a car that requires premium gasoline? When the price of gas is already through the roof and keeps climbing higher? Leave it to the stupid female consumer who knows nothing about engines.

Sure I did my research, but I don't ever remember reading anything about this particular model needing premium fuel. Well, I guess I'm stuck with it. Crap.


Anonymous said…
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SBTVD said…
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kimmay said…
I can empathize with your frustration over the dealership not disclosing everything about your car. Recently I bought a shiny new 2008 Scion xD (the first brand new car I have ever owned), and paid a crazy amount of $$ to upgrade the factory stereo and have a remote start/alarm system installed (with which you can start your car from inside your house when the weather is bad outside).

I upgraded the stereo because it has an iPod controller built in (you can scroll through your iPod playlists through little control buttons on your steering wheel). They didn't mention that it's only compatible with iPods sold before 2006. On a 2008 car?? Yeah, that makes sense! Grr!!

I spent twice as much on the factory remote start system as I would have on an aftermarket system because they told me it was "superior, will last longer, and has a longer warranty". What they did not mention was that the range of the remote control is less than 40 feet!!! For me, that means I have to walk outside my house and stand in my driveway, in front of my car, to use the "remote" start. Yeah, that's useful!

Anyhow, I made enough noise to convince them to replace my remote start with an aftermarket version, just to get this crazy, irate lady off their backs. :) We'll see what happens with the stereo.

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